Efforia is Democratizing 
the Clinical Study

Everyone deserves to know if the approaches, products, and services we spend time and money on truly work. Efforia is the first citizen science clinical trial platform where your payment and participation make scientific advancement possible.

Anyone Can Build Evidence with Efforia

Digital technology has democratized industries from travel to finance to journalism. In this same spirit, Efforia is the company that empowers anyone to generate scientifically valid evidence about what truly betters the human condition.

  • A Business Model Connected to Financial Reality

    Evidence of what truly works doesn’t have to come with a million-dollar price tag. In fact, exorbitant costs might even skew the results. At Efforia, we've transformed this process into a revenue-generating avenue for all involved.

  • From Question to Results without Barriers or Delays

    Design and execute a protocol without any special training. With Efforia, enjoy 24/7 assistance to shape your hypothesis and ensure its success. Results? Clear, concise, and easily digestible. We’re making evidence accessible.

  • Results Presented for How We Live & Work Today

    Whether shaping a marketing message, making a crucial personal choice, establishing credibility, or assessing a new intervention, Efforia innovates presentation of results, aligning them with the ways we conduct business, work, and lead our lives today.

  • The Same Ethical, Regulatory & Scientific Excellence as Academia

    Prevention? Performance optimization? Longevity? Productivity? Diet & Lifestyle? Efforia is purposefully crafted to evaluate hypotheses in lifestyle protocols, health & wellness products, personal optimization strategies, and conventional medical treatments.

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Efforia is a New Clinical Trial Approach

Efforia fuses traditional clinical trials with personalized N-of-1 methods, citizen science, patient innovation, native marketing, and creator economy dynamics, creating evidence as robust as any available today.

Traditional clinical trial Efforia
Self-Service Setup

Requires product training and research background.

The Efforia AI design assistant enables anyone to create scientifically valid protocols.

Guidance & Coaching

Generally only data collection and management.

Efforia is a full Treatment and coaching platform, delivering reminders, guidance and support to participants.

Personally Relevant Findings

Requires manual statistical analysis. Findings only summary of participants sample.

Efforia draws from N of 1 research approaches, automatically delivering findings directly to participants.

Negative Result Impact

Not good at conveying individual variations in outcomes.

Efforia draws from N of 1 approaches & acknowledges the individual variability in what works.

Participants Share Results

Might offer post-study article or PDF. Participants specific results not offered.

Efforia makes it easy to participant-specific results via social and enhance customer reviews.



Efforia blends citizen science with creator economy. Generate revenue and profit-share with creators.

Suitable for Publication

Author & Launch Protocols

Move beyond the social follow. Engage your audience, build your brand, run clinical trials all while earning revenue