We are here to empower anyone to craft protocols, test hypotheses, and participate in experiments yielding scientifically valid evidence on ‘what works’ across a spectrum of topics encompassing the human experience.
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What Works for Me?

Consumers have goals. But leaving them to decipher what truly works to reach those goals, amid a sea of contradictory and unverified advice on health or happiness, ultimately hurts providers & brands. Talk to us about a solution


The RCT Has Drawbacks

The double-blind placebo-controlled trial is hailed as the gold standard. But its narrow focus, prohibitive cost and long timelines hinder its use, particularly for consumer’s personal decision-making. Talk to Us


The Evidence Just is not there

So we make life’s crucial decisions about reaching our health, happiness and productivity goals without concrete evidence … because it typically doesn’t exist. Talk to Us

Anyone can build evidence with Efforia

Digital technology has democratized travel, finance, journalism. Now, Efforia empowers anyone to generate evidence about what truly betters the human condition.        
  • Validated Results

    Seeing (for yourself) is believing. Test and retest outcomes with consumers own personal clinical quality experiments and outcomes.

  • Maximize Results with Timely Guidance and Support

    Get step-by-step guidance on how to reach your goals with expert coaching at every step of the way.

  • Design & Execute Protocols

    Craft your treatment plan, research question refine your hypotheses, and establish precise measures with the help of AI,

  • Earn Revenue While Creating Evidence

    We've changed the evidence generation business model to drive your revenues and improve the validity of results.

  • Health, Wellness & Longevity Products & Services

    Support behaviors that build adherence and repeat purchases by helping your customers use your products and services consistently and prove that they are making an impact.

  • Connected Device and other Measurement Tools

    Increase the value of your products and services by embedding them in Challenges that give data more meaning and context.

  • Content Creators & Journalists

    Develop a deeper relationship with your followers by guiding them in a repeatable practice based your expertise and personal experience.

  • Trainers & Coaches

    Scale your expertise beyond in-person one on one coaching and develop a deep continued relationship.

  • Healthcare Providers

    Provide the daily coaching and support you can't do in a 15 minute visit once or twice a year.

  • Research & Academia

    Scale programs and treatment protocols quickly without waiting for a grant. Move beyond evidence based cynicism by showing how it works on a case by case, one by one basis.

  • Community, Cause & Environmental Advocacy

    Guide a passing interest in a community, environmental or world issue into directed and consistent effort where participants can see their impact.

  • Regulated Pharma & Medical Device

    Support adherence. Improve outcomes with combo drug and lifestyle interventions for chronic disease. Show patients the unique personal impact of treatments.

  • Government, Social Service & Public Policy

    Move beyond evidence based cynicism. Build repeatable programs with embedded outcome evaluation.